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Botox® is a great step in an overall anti-aging plan. If you’re noticing fine lines or wrinkles on your forehead, around your eyes (crow’s feet) or between your eyebrows, known as the 11s, Botox® can work to help you achieve a rejuvenated look. Botox® relaxes overactive facial muscles and has a variety of other uses, such as relaxing neck bands and slimming the jawline caused by overactive masseter muscles. Botox® is a popular and common procedure that is safe for virtually everyone.  It is a procedure that can be in done in-office, with no downtime – and makes a big impact on your appearance. When you come to the DeRosa Clinic for your Botox® consultation, a member of our team will discuss your goals for this treatment and can accomplish these goals that same day.  Botox® can be used in conjunction with fillers to achieve a more youthful appearance.  


Botox® is a cosmetic product made by the Allergan Corporation based in Dublin, Ireland. Incredibly small amounts of a purified neurotoxin disrupt the signals that go to the muscles at the point of injection. At the doses used for cosmetic procedures, Botox® is very safe. The general idea of Botox® is to weaken muscles to help reduce and prevent fine lines and wrinkles.





1)What is BOTOX® and how can the treatment help?

Botox® is a cosmetic product made by the Allergan Corporation based in Ireland. Incredibly small amounts of a neurotoxin disrupt the signals that go to the muscles at the point of injection. At the doses that are used for cosmetic procedures, Botox® is very safe. The general idea of Botox® is to weaken the muscles around the point of injection to help reduce and prevent fine lines and wrinkles. Most often we recommend using Botox® strategically around the eyes, between the brows, and along the forehead.  It can also be used to lift the brows and remove neck banding, also known as platysmal banding.  Patients who have the treatment often notice a reduction of the wrinkles most commonly called crow’s feet and the “11s” between the brows.


2) What should I expect during a treatment?

When you meet with a member of our Team at the DeRosa Clinic we will first discuss your long-term goals for your anti-aging regimen. Our goal as a full-service facial clinic is always to make sure that we keep the big picture in mind and ensure that we are progressing at a reasonable and mutually understood pace. We talk about what you would like, what is possible, and what can be expected.


3) How soon can I book Botox® and how long will the treatment take?

In terms of scheduling, the procedure itself is pretty quick, probably around ten to twenty minutes, but you should leave yourself some extra time so you don’t feel rushed. We like to book appointments as far in advance as possible but are happy to try to fit you in if your schedule requires it. The process is typically not described by our patients as “painful”. We often liken it to plucking a hair or a pinch. If you are sensitive to this type of thing, we can provide ice to slightly numb the area before treatment.


4) What kind of results are typical and how long do they last?

Botox® is very popular because it is very effective and very safe. In terms of minimally invasive aesthetic procedures, it is the most popular by far, with about 6.7 million treatments administered in 2014, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. (If you are curious, filler injections were the second most popular, with 2.3 million treatments in the same year.)


The results we’ve seen for our patients are remarkable. We noticed a marked improvement in crow’s feet and frown lines, for example, even in severe cases of facial aging.  Especially with our natural approach, you end up looking like a fresher version of yourself.  Our goal together should be not to make you look like a completely different person, but a refreshed and well-rested you. We call this the DeRosa naturalé technique.


The results can happen fairly quickly; a lot of patients tell us they notice changes in as little as 24-48 hours, but it can take several days to about a week as well.  Especially for those new to treatment, we like to approach Botox® as a longer-term regimen, starting with incremental steps over time that lead to significant results in aggregate. We recommend scheduling appointments every three to four months for the best results.


5) What side effects should I expect?

The most typical side effect of Botox® injections is bruising around the point of injection. While this does happen to some people, it can be covered up with make-up and will go away like any normal bruise. If you want to see a complete list of possible side effects, you can check out Allergan’s website.  Like any medical procedure, make sure to tell your provider about any underlying health conditions you might have, just to be safe.


We like to tell patients to avoid strenuous exercise, flying on planes, steam rooms, and things like that for about 24 hours after getting Botox®. Interestingly, this is to prevent the Botox® from traveling away from the injection point because of those activities. During your appointment, we can talk more about activities you may want to avoid, and if you have any questions we can certainly discuss them.


6) How else do you use Botox®?

The DeRosa Clinic team can also use Botox® to help slim your jaw. For people who want a slimmer jaw, Botox® can be injected into the masseter muscle. The masseter is the muscle on the side of your face that you feel when you clench your teeth. Often, in an effort to reduce fullness in the face, you can weaken this muscle to make it smaller, which also helps to slim out the side of your facer over time.  This procedure use of Botox® is increasingly popular.

Other uses of Botox® that are increasingly popular at the DeRosa Clinic include are reducing the neck bands, also call platysmal banding, and microBotox®microBOTOX, , which instills low-dose Botox® into the skin to reduce pore size and flushing.


7) Should I consider Botox®? as part of a long-term anti-aging plan?.

Botox® can often be part of a larger more holistic approach to anti-aging.  I, it doesn’t simply have to work alone, and we at the DeRosa Clinic have found that those who look at Botox® as part of their anti-aging regimen can optimize their results and enhance the effects of the treatment.  For example, to treat  For deep-set wrinkles, an example, it best start approach may be to use Botox® in tandem with a filler injection, like JuvedermXC ®. This is something you can discuss with our team when you come in for your consultation.   Our aestheticians can also work to improve your skin texture and tone, as well as improve its elasticity and collagen.  Also, for patients interested in an upper eyelid lift or a brow lift, Botox® can help enhance the results quite effectively. This pairing can help the great surgical results last longer, so it may be a great consideration.