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A brow lift, otherwise known as a forehead lift, rejuvenates the face above the eyes by elevating the eyebrows. A brow lift can correct a sagging brow, correct brow asymmetry, correct a heavy hooded upper eyelid, eliminate deep furrows, and restore a youthful smoother look to the upper face.


If you’ve noticed that your eyebrows are lower than they used to be or that your upper eyelids have more skin than they used to, then a brow lift may be the procedure for you.  A brow lift can reduce the wrinkles that develop between the eyes, on the bridge of the nose and horizontally on the forehead. It can also raise brows that have dropped, giving the eyelids a hooded look.


During your consultation with one of the DeRosa Clinic facial plastic surgeons, they will discuss the best procedure for you to achieve your aesthetic goals and then a treatment plan will be put in place that will address your needs. Many times we see patients who think that they need an eyelid lift when actually a brow lift will raise their brow enough to remove the hooded look of their eyelids.

A brow lift can be done alone or with other facial procedures such as eyelid surgery or a facelift. All of the options available will be discussed with you during your consultation with one of our facial plastic surgeons.



DeRosa Clinic recently announced that it is an AAAASF Accredited Surgery Center and the only one of its kind in Boston.  Surgeries are performed at our Newbury Street location in the Back Bay under a “twilight sleep”, otherwise known as IV sedation. You can have your surgery performed in our comfortable, private clinic where you can safely have your procedure done and head home comfortably and discreetly.  These IV Sedation surgeries are performed by one of the DeRosa Clinic facial plastic surgeons along with a board-certified Physician Anesthesiologist. 


As always, our doctors use a conservative approach so that all her otoplasty surgery patients are assured a rejuvenated, natural appearance—and it all takes place right in Boston as an in-office procedure at the DeRosa Clinic.