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Cryotherapy® is a safe and effective treatment that gently freezes skin cells in the upper layer of the skin to treat age spots, sun spots, and skin tags in as little as one treatment. This treatment is fast, painless and natural. Cryotherapy® works by a direct spray of Carbon Dioxide onto the skin, which freezes superficially at -79 degrees Celsius where only the epidermal layers of the skin are treated. Because of the shallow but effective depth of the freeze, Cryotherap®y greatly minimizes the risk of blistering, scarring and hypopigmentation that may be associated with colder forms of Cryotherapy® This treatment can be an add on to a facial or performed alone as a spot treatment.


CryoClear® is an effective treatment with little to no downtime. The treated area will typically turn darker for a few days after treatment and then healthy tissue will appear.