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Jawline Slimming Botox Boston Newbury Street


The DeRosa Clinic team can also use Botox® to help slim your jaw. For people who want a slimmer jaw, Botox® can be injected into the masseter muscle. The masseter is the muscle on the side of your face that you feel when you clench your teeth. Often, in an effort to reduce fullness in the face, you can weaken this muscle to make it smaller, which also helps to slim out the side of your facer over time.  This procedure use of Botox® is increasingly popular.


If you feel that your face is too wide at the jaw line, this may be due to overactive (“hypertrophic”) masseter muscles. Over time, these “chewing muscles” can become more pronounced giving your face a masculine or wide appearance. Botox® treatments for the jaw line are cumulative with even the first treatment showing a slimming down of your jawline giving you a more symmetrical, feminine look. With repeated treatments your masseter muscles will become weaker resulting in a smaller jawline. This is a great non-surgical option that gives great results for our patients.