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Lymphatic Drainage Boston Newbury Street



Lymphatic Drainage can be used as a standalone treatment but is also included in many of the facials that we offer at the DeRosa Clinic. Lymphatic pathways along the face and neck don’t drain very well. They often make your face look puffy and irritated after eating too much salt, consuming one drink too many the night before, or even during allergy season or post-surgery, when drainage pathways are blocked and swollen.


This procedure uses gentle suction to help move excess fluid and inflammation. Small glass cups are attached to the Lymphatic Drainage machine and then placed on the skin to gently lift the facial tissue for a massage-like effect. The appropriate settings are determined based on the area to be treated and most importantly the patient’s comfort. The cups are then moved along the lymphatic drainage pathways to different parts of the face until all areas are treated.”

This gentle facial massage reduces swelling and edema, releases toxins, increases blood flow, and accelerates post-operative recovery. This treatment also works great for temporary under eye puffiness and swelling.


This treatment actually moves fluid stuck in the lymphatic pathways out of the tissue into the lymph nodes, where bacteria and other micro-organisms are destroyed. As an easy method of detoxification, it also increases the circulation of white blood cells while reducing pain and swelling. Immediately following the procedure, which most people find relaxing, clients find that their fine lines and wrinkles are reduced and facial swelling subsided.