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Mohs Surgery Repair Boston Newbury Street



MOHS repair is a surgery to fill and camouflage a facial defect after skin cancer removal. MOHS Repair may be needed after MOHS surgery, which is a method used by dermatologists to treat and remove skin cancer. The MOHS surgery involves a dermatologist removing progressive layers of skin until all of the cancer is removed. The procedure works very well, but often leaves a hole or defect in the face that our facial plastic surgeons at the DeRosa Clinic can then repair.


At the DeRosa Clinic, our job is to fix the defect or hole in the best way possible to camouflage the surgery and to minimize scarring and visible damage.  We recommend that you talk to your dermatologist to see if you can schedule both the MOHS surgery and our reconstructive aesthetic procedure on the same day.  This will let you get both procedures completed on the same day, as well as get you on the road to recovery more efficiently.


Our aesthetic goal is to make it look as though nothing ever happened after your MOHS surgery. We focus on trying to hide the scars in places that the eye may not notice. For example, if the skin cancer was removed on the nose, we focus on making sure that breathing has not been damaged and that the nose looks normal and symmetric.  If breathing has been compromised due to the cancer removal, we can also repair any breathing problems at the same time.


DeRosa Clinic recently announced that it is an AAAASF Accredited Surgery Center and the only one of its kind in Boston.  Surgeries are performed at our Newbury Street location in the Back Bay under a “twilight sleep”, otherwise known as IV sedation. You can have your surgery performed in our comfortable, private clinic where you can safely have your procedure done and head home comfortably and discreetly.  These IV Sedation surgeries are performed by one of the DeRosa Clinic facial plastic surgeons along with a board-certified Physician Anesthesiologist. 


As always, our doctors use a conservative approach so that all her otoplasty surgery patients are assured a rejuvenated, natural appearance—and it all takes place right in Boston as an in-office procedure at the DeRosa Clinic.