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The Profound is a minimally invasive procedure that uses bipolar radiofrequency energy to the dermal layers of the skin to stimulate the production of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid. This results in smoother and more youthful appearing skin that cannot be achieved with just Botox or Fillers.

Here is what you can expect:

  1. Production of elastic, collagen and hyaluronic acid

  2. Increased dermal volume 

  3. Redefine the jawline, tighten the jowls and smooth wrinkles of the face and neck

  4. Tighten and smooth the skin laxity of the neck



A good candidate for this treatment is someone who is not getting ready to dive into surgery and is looking for an alternative. Many patients considering Profound have exhausted their efforts with Botox and filler that are just not able to give their mature skin the lift that they desire.  Profound is also perfect for facelift and mini lift patients who are looking for a “touch up” treatment. Patients can return to normal activities within 24 hours after treatment. Profound treatment is associated with minimal downtime compared to surgical face or mini lift and results are within two to three weeks with continued results over the next several months.


During your consultation with a member of the DeRosa Clinic Team, you can discuss your skin and anti-aging concerns and desires for treatment. Together you can determine if Profound is right for you.