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Rhinoplasty Boston Newbury Street


Have you always been sensitive about the size or shape of your nose or have difficulty breathing?

Dr. Jaimie DeRosa MD is a double-board certified facial plastic surgeon who specializes in Rhinoplasty and Revision Rhinoplasty in Boston. She will help you address your concerns surgically while still looking like yourself. Her goal is to have you feeling that you are the BEST version of yourself with a natural look.


The cosmetic and structural changes that can be achieved through rhinoplasty can be life-changing. Dr. DeRosa specializes in noses and has performed thousands of rhinoplasty procedures in her career. She understands that form and function are equally important when talking about the nose. You want your nose to be more proportional and have a nicer shape, but you also want to be able to breathe without obstruction.  This idea of understanding the underlying structural integrity of your nose is incredibly important.



Revision Rhinoplasty addresses both the aesthetic and functional (breathing) problems that you might be struggling with after prior rhinoplasty. It is critical when selecting a surgeon to perform a Revision surgery to find a specialist who understands the complexity of the underlying architecture of the nose to repair its appearance and function. We see many people who have had previous nose jobs and are unhappy with either the aesthetic look of their nose and/or have breathing problems that were not addressed during their prior surgery or are as a result of their prior surgery. Revision Rhinoplasty has been a specialty of Dr. DeRosa’s for years.  She understands the aesthetics and functionality of noses.


During your consultation with one of the DeRosa Clinic facial plastic surgeons, you will discuss all of your concerns and cosmetic goals for your procedure and then a treatment plan will be put in place that will address your needs.  It is important that you always feel comfortable with your surgery plan and have a good understanding of the goals and objectives prior to undergoing any treatment or procedure.


At the initial consultation, Dr. DeRosa will ask you to express your desires and goals for surgery.  It is important for you to be candid about any other medical conditions or history that may impact an optimal result. Next, Dr. DeRosa will perform a detailed history and physical examination and discuss her impression and recommendations with you. During this consultation (or anytime thereafter) you should be sure to ask any unanswered questions and voice any concerns.

Also during your consultation, Dr. DeRosa studies both the function and appearance of your nose. She also takes into consideration any other factors that may need to be addressed either before or during the surgery. For example, for a patient who has a small chin and a large nose that sits too far from the face, she may recommend a chin implant as an adjunctive procedure to the rhinoplasty. Alternatively, she may recommend an allergy evaluation to optimize nasal breathing. At the completion of a rhinoplasty consultation, Dr. DeRosa uses photo imaging to demonstrate potential changes that could be made to your nose, which often also allows improved communication between the patient and doctor.



DeRosa Clinic recently announced that it is an AAAASF Accredited Surgery Center and the only one of its kind in Boston.  Surgeries are performed at our Newbury Street location in the Back Bay under a “twilight sleep”, otherwise known as IV sedation. You can have your surgery performed in our comfortable, private clinic where you can safely have your procedure done and head home comfortably and discreetly.  These IV Sedation surgeries are performed by one of the DeRosa Clinic facial plastic surgeons along with a board-certified Physician Anesthesiologist. 


As always, our doctors use a conservative approach so that all her otoplasty surgery patients are assured a rejuvenated, natural appearance—and it all takes place right in Boston as an in-office procedure at the DeRosa Clinic.