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Top Things to Consider When Choosing

Your Rhinoplasty Surgeon

Top 8 Considerations to Consider When Choosing Your Rhinoplasty Surgeon

Dr. Jaimie DeRosa and Dr. Caroline A. Banks bring vast experiencing in performing rhinoplasties over the years to correct or repair patients’ noses, and help them to feel and look their best. During this time, patients have all asked a number of questions about the procedure. (How much does a rhinoplasty cost, what is the healing time, how long is the procedure, etc.) Dr. DeRosa and Dr. Banks have compiled the top most common questions and considerations here to help you make the best decision.

  1.  A Surgeon’s Education/Training-  You want to be certain that your surgeon has the appropriate training to perform this delicate surgery.  Both Dr. DeRosa and Dr. Banks are double board certified Facial Plastic Surgeons, which means that they underwent rigorous specialized training in rhinoplasty and, as an Otolaryngologists, understand the intimate relationship between the function and appearance of the nose.  After your nose job with one of our facial plastic surgeons, you will have a good looking nose that breathes well.

  2. Revision Rhinoplasty- If you require a revision rhinoplasty you want to be sure that your nose job surgeon is well trained in revision rhinoplasty. Our surgeons that your nose looks as you want it to and is also functional allowing you to breathe well. 

  3. Is Your Surgeon Approachable?-   You want to be comfortable speaking with your surgeon about your goals for rhinoplasty surgery and any concerns you may have.  Our facial plastic surgeons think that this is critical to being able to achieve excellent results for their patients.  Deciding to have facial surgery can weigh heavy on some people’s minds, so you should be comfortable with having an excellent two-way conversation with your doctor. 

  4. Does your Doctor have the right kind of Board Certification?  Unfortunately, there are a bunch of board certifications out there that don’t mean that your doctor is qualified to perform specialized facial surgery.  Both Dr. DeRosa and Dr. Banks are Double Board Certified by the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (ABFPRS) and also by the American Board of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery (ABOHNS). 

  5. Does your Surgeon Perform Imaging?- When you’re talking about possible changes to your nose with your surgeon, it is sometimes difficult to be sure that you’re both are on the same page, especially if you are only talking.  This is why our facial plastic surgeons also perform a critical computer imaging of your nose to show you the possible changes that can be expected based on your desires and what Dr. DeRosa and Dr. Banks think is possible based on their examination of your nose during your consultation.  They also encourage their patients to show them photos of noses that they like, so that they get an even better understanding of what their patients’ goals for rhinoplasty are.

  6. Realistic Expectations  Although no one wants to hear “No”, it’s extremely important that your surgeon be honest with you about what can and cannot (or should not) be done.  Dr. DeRosa and Dr. Banks will give you an honest assessment of what they think your nose will look like after rhinoplasty and what is possible based on your specific anatomy and concerns.

  7. Experience, Experience, Experience- You want a rhinoplasty surgeon who completed training long enough to have mastered surgery and is not ‘practicing’ on you.  Both of our facial plastic surgeons are still contemporary, so they're not using techniques that are outdated.  Dr. DeRosa and Dr. Banks are both invited speakers for lectures nationally and internationally and have written many textbook chapters on facial plastic surgery.

  8. Natural Looking Results- Finally, you should look for a rhinoplasty surgeon whose goal is to give you a new nose that doesn’t look “fake”.  Dr. DeRosa and Dr. Banks work hard to create natural results after rhinoplasty so that your nose  looks like the nose you were supposed to have from the start.  From subtle to more drastic changes, our facial plastic surgeons will make it look like your “new nose” is the one you were born with.


Contact Dr. Jaimie DeRosa and Dr. Caroline A. Banks at the DeRosa Clinic office on Newbury Street in Boston to arrange a one on one consultation. We look forward to hearing from you!